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Your support can help the world breathe better.

Part of Canada’s boreal forest, and known as the lungs of the Earth, the Boreal Wildlands help defend our planet’s biodiversity and slow the effects of climate change on a global scale.

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Why Boreal Wildlands?

Located in Northern Ontario, the Boreal Wildlands provide vital habitat for many plants and animals like bears, beavers, moose, wolves, lynx, threatened boreal caribou, and countless species of birds. While the land and skies are filled with life, the forests and wetlands, including peatlands and swamps, help to sequester carbon emissions from around the world. In fact, the carbon stored here is equivalent to the lifetime emissions of about 3 million cars.

The Boreal Wildlands are at the forefront of defending our planet’s biodiversity and slowing down the effects of climate change around the globe, but now they need our support. If we don’t act now, the deep peatlands and forests could be altered, risking the release of significant amounts of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. And the lush habitat for so many plants and animals could soon be lost. With your support, we can reach our fundraising goal and save the Boreal Wildlands – part of the lungs of the Earth.